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What would you do with more time?


My Assistant, Jen
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Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 1.55.55 PMTogether, Kelsey and I  work with small business owners and professionals in the Bellingham and Seattle area to take back their work days and create more free time. By assisting with tasks ranging from writing the content for your newsletters, designing social media strategies or writing content for eCourses, our clients have been able to keep their to-do lists in check and work on projects that they enjoy or need to focus their time on.

My question for you is this: What would you do with more time?

Would you spend it with your loved ones or by finally putting the time into that business venture you’ve always been meaning to get off the ground?? Either way, Kelsey and I are here for you.


What we can do for you

Success is about getting the right people on your team. When you delegate tasks to others, you can focus on the areas that you are most strong and work towards your goals knowing that the other work is going to get done and going to get done well.

You can give us the projects that…

  • You are not as good at: So what if blog writing isn’t your forte! Give us the task and we will help you develop a blog, set it up and post weekly blogs.
  • You don’t want to do: We all have those select tasks that we keep putting off. It isn’t because you don’t have the time, but rather you dislike doing them. Let us take them off your plate so you can focus on what you enjoy.
  • You are too busy to do yourself: When the number of tasks outnumbers the hours in the day, it is easy to get burnt out or not perform effectively. At that point, a VA provides a valued extra set of hands.


Benefits of working with My Assistant Jen

By being there for you, we can alleviate stress and help you make deadlines. As your personal assistants on call, we are there to help when you need us. We also have free consultations and special promotions for new clients so you can test out our services without committing just yet.

By selecting the package that works for your budget and task list, you only pay for the work you need to get done, thus you save money. You also don’t pay the usual fees associated with a normal employee such as health insurance, social security etc.

You can count on us to have the equipment, skills and competence to get the job done!


 Meet Jen

Jesse, from Entrepath Coaching, says:

“Jen is always timely with her tasks. She is friendly to work with, always encouraging and is motivated to take action without much direction or assistance. This shows a level of critical thinking skills that is difficult to find elsewhere and a drive to support others in their visions.”

Simon, from BadChristian, says:

“Jen knows what she’s doing. She’s the most administratively gifted, detail-oriented person I’ve ever worked with.”